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Midwestern Italian-Polish-Spanish-American girl born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

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After three years living in Chicago, which I equally consider home, my husband and I decided to up and quit our jobs to teach English in Korea.  Yeah yeah, I know, everyone is doing it these days.  It’s the new black.

But we’ve lived in Korea now for almost as long as Chicago.  It’s been a wonderful experience – one that, in addition to meeting great people and experiencing daily life in another country, has allowed us to travel throughout much of Asia.  Where the world takes us next, who knows.

I’ve been married to Steve, otherwise known as hey-do-you-know-you-look-like-Superman since 2004.  Two years ago, we rescued the coolest dog ever, Frankie Fasthands.  Seriously, he’s the most awesome dog on this planet, and somehow he found his way to us.

I love a good physical challenge.  Running the Cleveland Marathon, climbing one of the many mountains in Korea, any one of those Beachbody home workouts, I’ll take ‘em all.  I may not be the best at any of them; I just like trying.  A good mental challenge is fun, too.  My biggest goal is to follow in my Mom’s footsteps and make it on Jeopardy!

I once heard the term “veganish”.  I think that applies to me.  I’ve lived with limited meat in my diet for the last 10-15 years or so, although Korea has done all it can to change that!  I’ve struggled with not being fully committed, as it were.  But I’ve become ok with the fact that, as an Italian-American, I get the regular urge to gnaw on a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano.  Sometimes there’s nothing better in the world than my Grandma B’s meatballs.  But day-to-day, the stuff in that Recipes tab up there, that’s what I eat.  I hope you like them, too.

So here’s the layout of this site.  The main focus is the food.  And I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand trying to find a recipe online and having to weed through someone’s boring daily recount of their child’s pooping habits before I finally get to the ingredient list.  A food blog is a food blog is a food blog.  And it should be about…um, food?  Right?  That’s what I think.

But since I originally started this blog about my move to Korea, I still have all those stories and other observations I’ve made along the way in the Travel tab from my other, now-defunct website.  Occasionally I still throw my two cents around about life abroad, world travel, and other random thoughts I find useful and/or amusing to others.  But I like to keep them separate.

So I’ll keep doing it all, so long as I think it’s worth doing.  If it ever becomes a bunch of excruciating minutiae (thank you, Elaine Benes), then I’ll stop.


P.S. Don’t know where “Lady Ace” comes from?  Then you need to check out the stellar 80’s movie Cloak & Dagger.  STAT!