Monday, December 28, 2009

Another plus to living in Korea: not having to hear the same awful songs over and over again on every radio station.  You know – Taylor Swift, artists like Jay Shawn that just sound like manufactured hip hop, pretty much any American Idol.

I woke up today with a Taylor Swift song in my head.  While I think she seems like an alright person, I can’t stand any country music or country-crossover or whatever you want to call it that isn’t Johnny Cash.  It all sounds so whiny and twangy, or like cats screeching.  “Why can’t you seeeee-eee-eee, you belong with me-eee-eee.”  Eeeeee. Eeeee. Eeeee.  Ugh.  So waking up with a Taylor Swift song in my head was not something I enjoyed but rather an unfortunate souvenir of my time spent driving in the car for those 3 1/2 months in Cleveland.

So yeah, none of that in Korea.  Now, Korean K-Pop girl groups, that’s another story…