LG does not get my endorsement

Friday, January 22, 2010

It’s possible there have been more, but I believe I’ve only owned two LG products.  Both were crap.  One was my last cell phone, where the 2 button just stopped working one day, and the other is this POS (piece of sh**) television.

This TV turns itself on and off.  Being a Studniarz, I first considered that we had a ghost.  One who hated American programming.  But thinking logically, I know it’s just some annoying short in the wiring.  Yes, we’ve told our manager who will eventually get the apartment owner to take care of it.  We waited until the time was right, so as not to seem nitpicky over every little thing.  But maybe we waited too long and she just thinks we broke it ourselves.  And really, there are bigger problems in life, so a broken TV wasn’t at the top of our list.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t vent via blog.

If this television had a personality, I’d say that it particularly likes Korean shows.  Big surprise.  It doesn’t mind most movies, Glee, and that Sue Johanson lady from Canada.  It will sit through old American shows like Charmed, only turning itself off once or twice.  It will begrudgingly allow CNN news, though it jumps the audio as if it’s about to turn off but doesn’t.  That’s its little “gotcha”.  It dislikes Anderson Cooper, which I’ll never understand.  It powers down so many times during AC360 that it may as well just come right out and say, “Are you SURE you want to watch this?”  And it’s not a fan of Tom Cruise or NCIS, though I can’t say I blame it.

The movie in this photo was Collateral.  The TV wasn’t even on when I got home from work, and I wouldn’t have turned it on.  But good old LG said, “Hey, you’ve had a long day.  Let’s see what’s on the tube.”   Upon seeing that it was yet another Tom Cruise movie, LG went haywire and turned itself on and off so incessantly that I pulled the plug, which I often do.  Take that, Idiot Box, I’ll always get the last word.

So that’s my editorial.  LG products are cuh-rap.