First things first.  And this confused me, so I sufficiently Googled before naming this recipe.  Broth and stock are two different things when you’re talking meat.  But veggies don’t have bones, so broth and stock are one and the same.  But can this recipe be used for any broth or stock, veggie or otherwise?  Oh yeah!

Making homemade broth is easier than you think.  Here’s what I recommend.  Put a container or bag in your freezer.  As you go throughout your weeks, throw in those little ends of vegetables that you’re not going to eat.  If you notice you have some odd pieces in your fridge that you won’t have time to eat before they go bad, throw them in the freezer too.  When you’ve got a big mixture, put it all in a pot on a weekend afternoon, and you’ll never buy boxed stock again!

Recommended Vegetables:
Celery, Carrots, Onions (the basics)
Zucchini Ends
Spinach leaves

The list goes on and on.  I use a lot of bok choy ends because we have it coming out our ears.  Go with what you got.

Optional Seasonings:
Bay leaf, salt, pepper (the basics

If you’re not sure what you’ll use the broth for, keep the seasoning to a minimum.  If you know, let your spices and herbs soak away.


Throw all the veggies in a stock pot.  Or the largest pot you have, which in my case is a medium-sized soup pot.  Cover with enough water so that vegetables are fully submerged.  Let simmer on low heat, uncovered, for at least one hour.  If broth is not rendering enough “juice”, add more water.  The longer it cooks and the less liquid there is, the more concentrated the flavor.  Taste it as you go along.  It should taste like a very weak vegetable soup.

Up next, an idea of how to use that broth!