IMG_7931Monday, November 7, 2011

Nothing makes you want to shove an old lady quite like Asia does.

Oh wait, was I supposed to be talking about Hong Kong?  Right.  So I went to Hong Kong last weekend.  By myself.  Which was major if only in the fact that it was my first international trip solo.

But it was also wonderful because, well, it was Hong Kong, for one.  And I got to see my long-lost concierge friend, Kathryn, from Chicago.  That was what got me going there in the first place.  But because our schedules didn’t line up exactly, I spent Friday night alone, then Saturday with one of the two best Chardonnay drinkers I know besides myself.  The other one, you know who you are.  It was a whirlwind weekend of shopping, taking lots of pictures, and catching up with my favorite world-traveling friend.

With only thirty-some hours to spend in the city itself, what can I say that my photos can’t?  (Still working on adding a Photo Gallery to this WordPress thing.  Have I mentioned I miss iWeb?)  It was everything I expected it to be.  And more.  I want to go back already.  And, you know, maybe next time bring Steve.

So what brings me to pushing old ladies?  Well, my layovers were in Shanghai.  I’ve otherwise not been to mainland China yet (add it to the list), but from what I saw in a few short hours each time…wow.  It also lived up to expectation.  The dirty air, the brown water as seen from the plane window.  And of course the pushing.  I thought I knew how to throw elbows from living in Korea.  But damn, China.  You really are trying to break that scientific law that says no two pieces of matter can occupy the same space, aren’t ya?  When my final plane landed, a Korean girl exchanged a ‘What the hell is this?’ glance with me as an old Chinese couple grabbed onto her for a piggyback ride before the doors even opened.  If a Korean person thinks you’re getting too far up in their bidness, then you know something’s gotta give.

In the past week, I’ve realized I’m just over all the pushing.  Usually I take everything in stride and think that, hey, that’s just how things work around here.  Go with the flow, be the spoon, et cetera.  But whether it’s my former acceptance in the form of humor or my new frustration, I just kinda of miss that feeling of seeing an old lady and thinking, ‘Aww, how cute.’  Now I just choose between using one or both elbows.