What American child at heart doesn’t love a good PB&J?

I, for one, must always have both crunchy and creamy on hand.  But where I live, that means $5 per jar with no all-natural options.  They are the hydrogenated fats ones only.  After a couple years of living here, I found myself saying ‘eff that noise’ and making my own.  For once, eating healthier is also cheaper!

I do small batches at a time, like this:
1 cup plain peanuts
Pinch salt
Splash extra virgin olive oil
Splash water

Blend the peanuts first to form a powder.  Add the other three ingredients and continue to blend and shake until you have the consistency you want.  If you prefer a little touch of sweet, add agave or other liquid sweetener.  If you like it on the rich side, use more oil or even peanut oil.  To make the extra crunchy variety, chop some peanuts by hand and stir those in after.