Which do you like better – juices or smoothies? Much like in my post about tofu bacon, I’ve noticed some debate. Honestly, if you’re ingesting fresh fruits and vegetables on the reg, you’re already off to a good start in my opinion.

Generally, I tend to be a smoothie person. Throw some stuff in a blender, fiber and all, drink it, and go. However, if you’re a juice person you may sacrifice the fiber, though you can add a ton more nutrients from the higher quantity of produce. Whichever you prefer, I think we can all agree on kale. It’s a rough one to drink because it is just that — roughage.

And let’s say you’re like me. You don’t want yet another appliance taking up countertop space (or forgotten space in the bottom corners of your cabinets), especially one that’s a pain to clean. Enter the nut milk bag! I’ve used this tiny, unassuming, hairnet-looking thing for way more recipes than I ever would have expected when I first purchased it. And now, add juicing to its many handy uses.

Fresh green juice. Less mess. Try it for yourself!

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