Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not the prettiest girl at the party, but at least she can dance.

Steve and I have never been big car people.  We’ve never driven new cars, never owed outrageous car payments, if any.  We’ve never been interested in spending money on the metal box itself but rather on the experiences that result from it.  Just our personal preference.  And what great experiences we’ve had with this car in particular.

Today we completed yet another piece of the puzzle in moving to Korea by saying goodbye to Steve’s Mitsubishi Galant.  He originally purchased his Galant when he started his first post-college job as a traveling salesman.  After I sold my car in favor of becoming a pedestrian when we moved to Chicago, the Galant also became mine by default.  But I only drove it about once a week.  It was still Steve’s car, and I’ll always be best as his passenger.

Aside from transporting him around his multi-state territory for years and trekking with us cross country last month, our car has taken us through some of the more memorable experiences of our relationship.

-It took us numerous times to the Pittsburgh Ikea to furnish my first apartment in Cleveland.  It was also found in a tow lot in the Flats just before one said trip to Ikea because Steve dared to be my guest while I was living there.  Those tow truck drivers were ruthless.  We later found his visitor’s pass in a pile of leaves.  In true Marie Fashion, I fought the powers that be…but lost that time.

-It ran for the border on quite a few trips to Canada.  Toronto, Windsor, Niagara Falls.

-It guarded me from my first, and only, public urination on the side of the highway while I-80 was shut down during what became a 14-hour drive to New York City in a blizzard.

-It took us back and forth from Cleveland to Chicago for three years, once on a Thanksgiving weekend with no heat in below freezing temperatures.  Six hours, four venti sized coffees, and a few numbed toes later we made it home safely and were never so thankful for heat in our lives.

-It accompanied me to my weekly yoga class where I illegally parked it most of the time.  I wonder if that messed up my karma.  Or just balanced it out.

-It was often my favorite sight to see on cold days after work because that meant Steve was treating me to a ride home instead of walking the 1.5 miles.  It also fulfilled a Chinese New Year horoscope in 2008 by getting a flat tire in the alley behind my office.  In a snowstorm, of course.

-It once had its windows assaulted by the hind end of a prostitute at 10:30 in the morning while lost in Detroit.  But you can ask Steve that story, if you really want to know.

It’s had things stolen off it and from inside it.  It’s been decorated by keys, rust, and parking poles.  But it’s still chugging along.

And now it’s time to pass it on to the next owner.  It’s currently sitting on my uncle’s lot at Federico Tire on South State Street in Painesville. If it interests you, call him up and tell him I sent you.  Most people would call it a good A-to-B car.  Runs well, no bells and whistles.  I would have to agree.  Not for the lack of aesthetics but rather because life is never about the end point.  The A to B.  It’s about the journey getting there.  And this car is great for the journey.