At Boseong Green Tee Farm

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My sister came to Korea!

Yeah, ok, family and friends already know this.  They heard me blab about it for months beforehand.  But I am so grateful that my one and only sibling, my sister, my best friend, came to visit me on the other side of the world.

This was the only opportunity we’d have to show anyone from home our life here.  It’s a long-ass flight and not exactly a typical vacation destination.  Not everyone can do it.  But rack up those precious vacation days and hop on those airplanes and buses she did.

So in return, I jam-packed every quintessential Korean experience I could think of into one whirlwind week for my awesome sister, Tweeeeeesa.  From traditional markets to mountaintops to tee-heeing over the misuse of English.  Dining on the floor, shopping, and being pushed around by little old ladies.  And as any Korean is sure to comment, she has “very good chopstick skills”.

Aside from the Korean aspect of it, her visit gave me a sense of normalcy.  For one week, I had my exercise partner back, someone who dawdles just as much as I do, and annoying blonde hairs left in my hair brush.  Just like our trips home, it kept my reality in check.

And then I bawled my eyes out when she left.