Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is one of my favorite views of Chicago.  It is so quintessentially Chicago and city life at the same time.  I was walking home from work one day, looking for a shortcut from the crowds, and found this alley behind the Ford Oriental Theatre.  I like it because it packs so much into one blink of the eye.  The close proximity of the brick buildings with their fire escapes leading down to the brick road.  The State Street sign.  The cars going by, the train running above.  The Aon Center looming in the background (which you can’t see here because off all the light).  Live theatre always seems magical to me, and that particular day some actors in costume were hanging out under the Stage Door sign.  A guy sat on the sidewalk playing the guitar.  The walls are always lined with posters of current and future shows.

It’s a hidden gem.  I made it a point to walk down the alley every day after that.