As I mention in this video, I was at a party at a friend’s house and, as you do at parties, there was a cheese plate. Now, for my vegan friends you might be turning your nose up already. But whether or not you are a cheese person doesn’t matter. It was the preserves on this plate that got my attention.

One was a cherry-lime that I just had to have for myself. Come to found out once I located it at the store, it was rather pricey and high in sugar. So, in being both thrifty and crafty (pats self on back), I came up with these easy fruit preserves that are both more economical, equally flavorful, and lower in sugar.

Follow these few key tips, and you’re good to go!

1) Use dried fruit that only has one ingredient on the package – fruit!
(Yes, the natural sugar of the fruit is already in there, so why add a bunch of corn syrup, cane sugar, and preservatives to something that is naturally sweet?
2) Choose an acidic flavor to add – lemon, lime, balsamic, etc.
3) Simmer with water over low heat until the fruit plumps.
4) Pulse in blender or food processor but leave small chunks.

Get creative! In this video, you’ll see:
Cherry Lime
Apricot Lemon
Fig Orange Balsamic

Other ideas include: Strawberry Lime, Blueberry Lemon, or Cranberry Orange. Serve at your next party on a board with cheese, crackers, nuts, and/or chocolates. Your friends will be wowed, I promise!

Fruit Preserves 1


And if you don’t feel like sharing, they are equally yummy on a fancy PB&J!