Who doesn’t love a hot bowl of soup on a cold winter day?  And bisque, so rich and creamy and heartwarming.  Could it get any better?  Mmmm, bisque…

4-6 cups raw squash, any variety  you like, cubed
1 small onion, diced
1-2 cups vegetable broth, enough to cover squash halfway in pot
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Recommended Seasonings to Taste:
Paprika, Oregano, Thyme and/or Rosemary
Salt & Pepper

In medium to large pot, saute onion in about 1 tablespoon olive oil for 5-7 minutes.  Add cubed squash.  Fill pot with vegetable broth so the squash is covered halfway.  Simmer on low, covered, about 10 minutes.  Season with your preferred herbs and spices.  Simmer another 5-10 minutes, or until squash is soft to the touch.

In the meantime, get ready to turn that soup into bisque.

Cashew Cream:
1 cup cashews, raw or lightly roasted (not the super salty party mix kind)
1 cup vegetable broth
*Blend both until cashews are fully pureed and resemble heavy cream.

When squash is ready, blend with kitchen equipment of choice.  Add 3/4 of cream and stir to incorporate.  Dish it up and dress with remaining cream in cute designs, more herbs, and/or chopped green onions.

But Marie, you ask, cashews?  Really?  Ok, you’re going to make it vegan, but where is the soy milk or tofu?  Trust me.  Cashews are very mild and very versatile.  They’re like the tofu of the nut world.  They blend nicely and will take on other flavors without overpowering your original dish.  In some recipes with cashews, I really taste the nuttiness.  But in a dish as hearty as squash bisque, you should only taste the squash with a tiny hint of nuttiness in the background.  It’s more for the creamy texture they provide.  Give it a try!